Technology Boom in the Midwest

In recent years, the Midwest has welcomed tech companies in with open arms as they leave the coasts to call inland states home. The advantages of conducting business in these previously overlooked cities are bountiful. Companies are drawn to the lower cost of operations, more affordable talent, and the convenience of a central location. While the new trend is exciting for the economic growth of the Midwest, companies like Stars Design Group saw its potential way before it was the “cool thing to do.” This technology-driven clothing manufacturer laid their roots in St. Louis, MO

The Power of Uniforms

Look Good. Feel Good. Perform Exceptionally.     Is productivity down? Don’t underestimate the impact uniforms have on your brand’s reputation and your employee’s potential.   If you’re a company with a large workforce that wears uniforms, building strong customer relationships and improving brand recognition are key initiatives. To successfully accomplish this, it is crucial that employees appear professional and approachable to earn the trust of clients. A uniform can be a walking, breathing billboard to showcase your company’s brand and values. Whether your company is just starting out, or

Shoot For The Stars

How five-star reviews impact a company’s reputation and create powerful bonds with loyal consumers and partners.   In the modern world, everyone with internet access has a voice – one that can seriously impact your apparel line’s reputation. Consumers are eager to share experiences with their peers, good or bad. Positive reviews entice new clients and maintain existing relationships. For online-clothing retailers – there are challenges unique to the industry. Traditionally, potential buyers would enter a dressing room to get a better idea of how clothing will feel

Technology’s Key Role in Apparel Manufacturing

    Technology is advancing, rapidly. Manufacturers in every industry are required to keep up with the ever-changing tools to innovate the way products are developed. The clothing industry is one that has benefited tremendously from new software that takes the guesswork out of designing well-fitting clothing – made with high-quality materials. Is your manufacturer taking advantage of cutting-edge technology? If not…they’re holding your brand back.   Ecommerce: Reshaping Apparel Expectations The days of consumers buying apparel solely at a brick and mortar store are quickly evolving to