Stars Design Group Partners with threeASFOUR to produce new line

Stars Design Group


SAINT LOUIS, Mo —  St Louis based fashion design and production house, Stars Design Group (SDG), is excited to announce it has teamed up with iconic New York fashion design collective threeASFOUR to develop and produce its new scalable lifestyle brand threeASFOUR asONE. SDG executives, Bret Schnitker (CEO) and Emily Lane (Chief Strategy Officer) were on hand when the new … Read More

Moving Production while Managing a Manufacturing Portfolio

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The question: “How can we move our production out of China to domestic or nearshore options?” is becoming a daily conversation. Considering that China supports nearly 80 percent of the world’s apparel manufacturing, there is not a simple answer to this question, nor an immediate “flip the switch” solution. With planning and awareness of strengths by country, however, there are … Read More

Missouri textile and fashion experts instrumental in building Salvadoran apparel industry

Stars Design Group

CEO Bret Schnitker and chief strategy officer (CSO) Emily Lane joined a delegation of textile and apparel experts invited to El Salvador to advise Salvadoran counterparts on marketing strategies, developing business opportunities, supply chain efficiencies and sourcing in the CAFTA region.

SAINT LOUIS, Mo — Stars Design Group, a global fashion design & production house based  in Saint Louis, Missouri, is providing support to the U.S. government Commercial Law  Development Program (CLDP) in El Salvador.   In February, 2020, CEO Bret Schnitker and chief strategy officer (CSO) Emily Lane joined a  delegation of textile and apparel experts invited to El Salvador to … Read More

Managing the Shifting Landscape in Fashion & Production

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As the effects of COVID-19 ripple throughout every industry imaginable, it can be hard to keep up with the compounding effects and the way clothing trends are shifting. The way we do things is changing, and the way we dress is no exception. People are staying in more, dressing for comfort, and some are living pajamas for days. Others are … Read More

Fashion Industry: Evolution Not Revolution

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Throughout my career in the apparel industry, I have been designing and developing fashion lines for clients. Guiding my advice on direction and decisions has been a straightforward phrase: fashion is evolution, not revolution. Today, this phrase rings more accurate than ever, crystalizing the core foundations of success for the fashion industry in our push to a post-COVID world. Lectures, … Read More