Stars Design Group

Who We Are

Stars is a leading apparel design and manufacturing group that supports coveted lifestyle apparel brands in the continuing quest to maintain their exclusive brand equity and grow their footprint globally, while giving equal service to visionary start-up brands, partnering with each according to its needs. It’s not just what we do, it’s how we do it.

Our Story

In today’s ever-changing global marketplace, we understand how difficult it can be to find a manufacturing relationship that can deliver cost-effective, ethically responsible products, with minimal interruptions.

Our industry expertise and proven track record of superior service has helped us to establish numerous relationships that have evolved into client friendships spanning years. Our objective is to always listen to and understand our clients objectives and challenges, making our partnerships that much stronger. We feel it’s important to learn from our mistakes as well as our successes, and to incorporate those lessons into strategic improvements that will be mutually beneficial to both Stars and our clients.

Our handpicked staff and manufacturing partners, rigorous training regimens, and strict guidelines, ensure that our clients are partnered with one of the strongest, most forward-thinking companies in the industry.

SDG History

Stars Design Group (originally Stars Apparel International, Inc.) began as a response to the retail and wholesale industries’ desire for high-quality, ethically responsible, manufactured garments.

  • The Beginning

    Stars Apparel International quickly and dramatically increased its market presence through strict bench-marking and continuous improvement practices that captured the attention of European, Asian, and North American organizations seeking to consolidate their sourcing bases. Based out of Turkey, Stars soon expanded beyond its early operation, and required the addition of new specialized facilities.

  • Stars Group International

    Capitalizing upon its strategic partnerships, Stars formed the global joint venture Stars Group International, with a network of international factories specializing in a diverse array of apparel, accessories, and housewares.

  • Lifestyle

    Collectively, Stars realigned its marketing strategies to support “lifestyle” brands and retail operations that had survived the recent retail shift and business plateau within the basic commodity apparel markets, and were now experiencing rapid new growth. These were the brands and suppliers who wanted to develop products to satisfy the needs of new, more educated customers who were loyal to organizations willing to support their interests.

  • Established Headquarters

    Stars Design Group, Inc. established its headquarters in the United States in an effort to better support the design, merchandising, and manufacturing needs of overseas offices and factories from one centralized location. Stars continued to maintain its international presence with offices and factories around the globe.

  • Today

    Stars continues its upward growth within the global marketplace, catering to a wide range of businesses from small “lifestyle” boutique brands to corporations focused on brand identity within niche arenas. Stars recognizes each client as a unique partnership opportunity, and is committed to providing customized service packages that accommodate the ever-changing climate of the industry. New technological advances keep Stars at the forefront of creation and innovation

Apparel Expertise

At Stars Design Group, we know you have a business to run. Our management team has over 100 years of combined global experience in almost all facets of the apparel field in order to meet a wide variety of apparel challenges.

Our Team

Our United States design teams possess a comprehensive understanding of the market trends as it relates to multiple demographics. Utilizing this expertise, and incorporating cutting-edge technologies to translate our clients’ goals into dynamic marketable pieces and collections. Through the use of 3D simulation and a vast rotating library of fabrics, trims, and components, we can scale design ideas to any given visual, performance, and price point objective. Throughout all stages, we remain in close communication with our clients to ensure transparency and accountability.



Leveraging relationships established more than 20 years ago, Stars has been able to successfully and conscientiously develop and manufacture products in multiple locations globally. The teams are committed to ensuring that only known factories with reliable conditions are employed. Quality and value are at the forefront for us but never at the expense of responsible manufacturing. Rarely has it been necessary to source outside of our 67, hand-selected factories to achieve our clients’ goals. Occasionally we will add additional factories to our portfolio, but only with extensive investigation and the utmost consideration for their employees.

Through the coordination of global offices and the exacting expertise of our project management teams, we mitigate errors as they arise, and ensure that each step of the manufacturing cycle is carefully monitored.


Our customer service is another facet of our multidimensional, client-driven focus. Stars’ carefully chosen teams of representatives have nurtured and developed lucrative, long-term relationships with our clients through clear communication and the delivery of superior service. Our representatives operate under the direction of individuals who have been acknowledged as leaders in their respective areas of expertise. From the diversity of our experience, we can better understand our clients’ unique individual needs. Our commitment to follow-through is absolute.


From the initial meeting to the final delivery of your custom apparel, you will see why our products and people make the difference.


Get in touch with SDG professionals for more information

Stars Design Group has a sales force in twelve different regions throughout the United States—all highly experienced team members in the apparel industry. We would be happy to answer any questions you may have.