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Multiple relationships with dye companies from BASF, Clariant, Dystar, Huntsman and others provide a variety of color solutions. Globally we are capable of a variety of finishes from basic wicking to advanced micro encapsulation. Fashion in many cases today requires nuance. Special washes and dyeing combinations provide the extra requirement that builds the brand’s authenticity or uniqueness..

Market Research & Support

Stars Design Group spends considerable time in the global marketplace, bringing back important fabric and garment trends to our clients. The prerequisite is always quality, and the trend is performance and sustainability—the one trend that isn’t going away.

Brand Development & Support

Whether you’re introducing a new product, or making an existing one more relevant, SDG has enhanced services for both brands and retailers in market research, marketing materials, booth designs, trade show services, and retail consultation. From hangtags to in-store support to brand development, our sister-partner, Buffalo Jump Design, approaches each project with an ear for objectives and an eye for detail.

Exclusive Fabrics

With our roots securely planted in the international design and sourcing industry, innovation is the cornerstone of Stars Design Group. Our exclusive fabrics include such smart technologies as AP-360®, Aquatex, and Moisture Release Transfer.


AP-360 is an eco-friendly and sustainable antimicrobial product that controls harmful, odor-causing bacteria, mold, mildew, and fungus on the garment. It is produced from natural resources that are abundantly renewable. Chitin, the active substance, is derived currently from only the waste by product of Snow crab shells, and then converted to a hypoallergenic active ingredient that contains unique antimicrobial properties. The antimicrobial characteristics of chitin have been known for some time but have not been commercially viable due to the inability to bond it to substrate. The unique properties of AP-360® have overcome this obstacle and it has been successfully applied to millions of garments over the years.


AP-360 is applied in a 3.0% water solution, commonly in the pad bath. Treatments vary based on which organisms need to be controlled, and also which fabrics are selected.

AP-360 easily mixes with water and is compatible with most other finishes (wicking, fluorocarbon, etc.), is cationic with a typical pH of around 4, and can graft onto textile surfaces in multiple layers. Heat of over 80 degrees Celsius bonds the layers of molecular chains together, creating lasting results.

Safety Rating

No antimicrobial registered with the EPA can be designated as “non-toxic” no matter how low the toxicity potential. All goods are labeled as either ”Danger” (highest), ”Warning“ (mid-range), or ”Caution“ (lowest). AP-360 has a caution (lowest) rating and is safe to use for everyone, including those with shellfish allergies. AP-360 is non-leaching and fully biodegradable.

Extra Benefits

Our new wicking agent, SA5, when combined with our ST4 antimicrobial agent offers a wide range of applications that achieve exceptional results with minimal output. The results translate directly to cost savings as well as increased wicking features, reduced static electricity, breathability, and softer texturing of treated products.


What It Does – Water Repellent System
Branding Message – “Stay Dry” ™

Garments designed and equipped with Aquatex™ are uniquely outfitted to deliver the utmost protection from the elements. The Aquatex System™ incorporates a water-resistant fabric and a barrier laminate that keeps you dry in wet conditions. Experience the Aquatex™ difference.


What It Does – Breathable Rubber Coating
Branding Message – “Stay Dry” ™

Garments equipped with Aquatex+™ are uniquely designed to deliver the utmost protection from the elements. The Aquatex+ System™ incorporates a water resistant-fabric, a breathable rubber coating, and a barrier laminate that keeps you dry in wet conditions. Experience the Aquatex+™ difference.



This modern treatment utilizes a process that allows technical fabrics to draw moisture away from the body unlike cottons, which have a tendency to trap water. The absorption rate of cotton is at least 7% as opposed to a similar polyester yarn, which draws only 0.4%. Due to the hydrophilic nature of cotton, it becomes easy to trap perspiration and wear down the garment. Wicking technology facilitates a quick release and evaporation of moisture, resulting in a continually light and dry garment with an added cooling effect.


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