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At Stars Design Group, we have an integrated approach that supports a brand from start to finish. Our dedicated teams combined with our global network of experienced, ethical, and socially compliant factories result in enduring quality and craftsmanship that remains consistent whether your order is 1,000 or 1,000,000 pieces.

We utilize some of the highest quality factories in the world, and hold every producer within our global network to the same high standard, because we want to be sure that the quality you approved is the quality you’ll receive. Our project management teams keep you informed at each step of the development life cycle. A strict regimen of independent testing on fabrics and garments, as well as graduated inspections and tight associated quality level (AQL) of 2.5/4.0 prior to completion, ensures fulfillment of all expectations.

Limitless Options

Custom apparel is manufactured to order. Many elements comprise a custom garment.

custom colors

Custom Colors

Individual items or entire collections can be coordinated by color

size & fit

Size & Fit

We can assist in creating fits for garments based upon your unique requirements.

fabrication choices

Fabrication Choices

There are many choices available in fabrications today—from knit structures or weaves, to content, finish, weight, and more.

trim choices

Trim Choices

Trim includes custom labels, buttons, patches, zipper-pulls, and more



Packaging includes tissue paper, printed polybags, bar codes, boxes of any specific dimension, hybrid prepackaging, ticketing, and more.

garment design

Garment Design

We can help you create a custom item or group of items specifically tailored to your current needs, or we can interpret an item you bring to us from almost any retail environment.

Fabric Selection

Let us know if you would like a specific fabric or material you want incorporated into your apparel designs (e.g., cotton, fleece, nylon, denim, leather, suede, etc.). Custom apparel can incorporate a combination of fabrics or materials to create unique designs or purpose. Fabric selection is based upon a variety of factors: special fabrication want or need, pricing objectives, lead-time requirements, fabric for the product design, etc.


Increased Value on Higher Quality Apparel

Generally, with proper quantities, you will see a great value in importing directly. It is important to understand that any and every additional outside resource is a profit center. The importance of these outside resources varies greatly, based upon your needs and/or their ability.

SDG Ethics

Caring for Our People

Caring for people, quality and craftsmanship are never out of style. We have a long and proud tradition of conducting business in a responsible and professional manner, and only partner with those who embrace the Stars philosophy concerning the dignity and respect of each person and the appropriate treatment of all employees.

Stars Design Group follows a strict code of conduct—from the manufacture of our goods to the sale of our merchandise. Perhaps the most important facet of that tradition is our dedication to respect and concern for every individual, including our customers and employees.

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Keeping you updated from start to finish.

In the apparel marketplace, many great products never come to fruition due to the many challenges in global apparel manufacturing. Our comprehensive focus and the ability to move concept to reality in production is the primary goal and strategy at Stars, alleviating many concerns for our clients. Our production teams keep the communication lines open and generate weekly status reports, so you are always a click or call away from the most up-to-date information about your product.

Stars follows specific guidelines to be sure the process is on track, on time, and up to our clients’ satisfaction. Some of the tools we provide so that you can be confident about your product and your process include:

  • An updated comprehensive pre-production and production calendar and checklist

  • Weekly WIP reports from merchandisers to clients

  • Quality control and fabric testing based upon specific requirements

  • Complete factory audits (and long relationships in most cases)

  • Globally balanced production based upon strengths

  • Complete United Laboratories independent inspection on final production at military AQL of 2.5/4.0 prior to shipment acceptance

  • Boots on the ground globally



Trim Approval Cards

Cards include buttons, zippers, zipper pulls, embroideries, main label, hangtags, etc. Keep in mind that these approval cards don’t usually come all at once; they are sent to you once they are received from the various trim providers.

Lab Dips

Lab recipes for the color approval are needed. A visual approval under a daylight filter is usually requested, as all manufacturing facilities have light boxes.

Fit Sample

Sample is the closest available to the fabric, to be used for general fit approval purposes, and is usually in size ‘large.’


Important Information

That can help you with the production process:

Planning & Timing

Manufacturing lead times vary according to product and region of production. In normal situations, you should plan 90 to 120 days for production of product. Freight timing can vary based on a variety of situations. For example, delivery times can be reduced if product is shipped by air instead of boat, usually significantly reducing overall lead time after manufacturing is complete.

Quantities & Minimums

Volume is an important aspect of effective overseas production. 1,000 pieces per style is typically the minimum level to achieve an advantage with overseas production. Larger quantities allow for considerably less expensive costs as the units reach full container loads and more.


Get in touch with SDG professionals for more information

Stars Design Group has a sales force in twelve different regions throughout the United States—all highly experienced team members in the apparel industry. We would be happy to answer any questions you may have.