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At Stars Design Group, your brand is our passion and we want to make your vision a reality. That’s why we work closely with you to assess your needs and understand your customers’ expectations. We approach every unique situation with an array of possibilities and work to facilitate clear communication with you. We provide reverse engineering to price to ensure the objectives are met with clear direction of fiscal goals. Our goal is to make the design collaboration both dynamic and rewarding. Utilizing our teams talents and many years of experience, our goal isn’t to just satisfy minimum requirements of quality apparel for your brand, it is to always provide true brand prowess.

Product Development

At Stars Design Group, we operate with an integrated, forward-thinking approach to product development. Our extensive fabric and textile knowledge, as well as our experienced design teams are what make us the partner you can rely on to support your needs through the process from start to finish.

We spend considerable time in the global markets to bring the important textile, style and color trends to our clients. For years, utilizing our library services, clients have reduced long product development timelines and exhaustive hours travelling to locate and review fabrics throughout the world. On site in corporate headquarters, SDG houses over 10,000 swatches and 5,000 garments across all categories. Along with our in-depth knowledge of technical features and treatments, as well as fit and technical package support, we can develop the product you imagine.

We begin each project by listening to our client. Ideally with an outline of key information on demographics, brand position, future goals etc., and moves forward from there. The following are the primary pieces of information that are ideal to prepare:

Logo and Brand Concerpt

1. Logo & Brand Concept

SDG designers will incorporate your graphic standards into garment design labeling, as well as the presentation booklet. This will ensure the final product will reflect your brand vision and values.

Company Information

2. Company Information

Our designers will use your website and microsite information to better acquaint themselves with your company.

Target Demographics

3. Target Demographics

Who will be wearing your apparel? The more we know about your target audience, the closer we can effectively tailor the design of your apparel items to reach your goals.

4. Seasonal & Climate Objectives

Indicate the particular season you are focused on with our first projects together.

5. Image & Lifestyle

This is the vision and image you project with your brand. It may be fast fashion or classic, urban or outdoors, or can be even more specifically related to an activity (e.g., running, hiking, skiing, dancewear, hunting/fishing, etc.).

6. Apparel Selection

We typically develop an assortment plan together defining focused objectives of our working relationship.

We Have the Resources

Our extensive garment library and all of the tools available to us are at your disposal throughout the process, in order to help you make decisions and provide the answers you need to create the best product possible. After collecting all the required information, we can begin the design process.

We Have the Technology

Our teams develop photorealistic images that accurately reflect the final stages of product development, and these renderings are incorporated into a custom presentation catalog with specialized background templates that highlight our client’s products and services


Stars Design stays out in front by applying the latest, best technology to product design and development, which makes the development process easier for our clients.

Prototyping Technologies

Our partnership with an industry leading developer specializing in 3D simulation for the fashion industry provides our clients with virtually real images of product from all angles. This allows for very real fabric and design simulation for a what-you-see-is-what-you-will-get result in production. Stars’ team continues to work to blend the lines between the digital and the virtual.

Alvanon logo clothing dress forms

Cutting Edge Software

With our 3D artwork and our partnership with Alvanon to bring you “science to fit”, we are constantly striving to save our clients time and cost, while providing the same exceptional quality and fit they expect across all of our manufacturers.

Modern Efficiencies

Through 17 years of development, SDG has developed artwork as close to a photograph as one can achieve. Clients are using our digital creations for catalogs and online sites, accelerating the cycle from concept to client. Stars is developing virtual and hard copy catalogs for many of its clients using these techniques to show realistic product before it is ever manufactured.

3d imaged of a t shirt
3d image of a t shirt

3D digital fabric printing can speed visualization of fabric details to our clients.

We have carefully developed partnerships to help us reach new design horizons with the ability to view virtually real images of products from all angles. 3D printing will bring trim and garments into a tactile experience.

Through our partnership with Alvanon, we have the ability to use 3D forms to replicate the important fit angles, shapes, and posture of the real human body.

In this way it is literally possible to expertly fit any fabric to the core body standards of your target demographic, and create a product that fits as perfectly as possible. This also allows us to use the same standards from one manufacturing site to the next, ensuring that a size is a size across all retailers on all continents.

3d image of t shirt with resistance fit

Leaders in Innovation

Multiple relationships with dye companies from BASF, Clariant, Dystar, Huntsman and others provide a variety of color solutions. Globally we are capable of a variety of finishes from basic wicking to advanced micro encapsulation. Fashion in many cases today requires nuance. Special washes and dyeing combinations provide the extra requirement that builds the brand’s authenticity or uniqueness.


Get in touch with SDG professionals for more information

Stars Design Group has a sales force in twelve different regions throughout the United States—all highly experienced team members in the apparel industry. We would be happy to answer any questions you may have.