Fashion Designer Spotlight – Lewis Remele

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Fashion designers are a best kept secret in the industry. As consumers we know the key figures behind Versace, Gucci, and Chanel, but the people within the fashion house designing the pieces remain nameless fixtures behind the scenes. Many of the masterminds behind these intricate concepts are highly educated individuals with a vast array of knowledge in both art and design.

A garment starts as a vision in a designer’s mind, making its way from a sketchbook to a final wearable item. Stars Design Group CEO Bret Schnitker sums it up beautifully saying, “Designers are every bit of artists like painters are… they just don’t use brushes, they use fabric.”

To get a deeper look into the mind of such an artist, our team asked Lewis Remele, Senior Design Director of Stars Design Group, a few questions about his experience in the industry.

Q: What inspired you to get into fashion design?

A: I have always been inspired by fashion history and costume and was a professional opera singer as a child. Being in operas, and the detail of costume fittings and watching the costume designers was an early inspiration.

Q: What designs are you most proud of?

A: Five years ago, I oversaw a complete rebrand of a medical scrubs brand. I developed new performance designs that married technology and style, while also serving a functional need for nurses. That was a particularly satisfying endeavor, since it brought better design to an often-overlooked category/profession.

Q: How do you connect to your client’s vision to create their desired collection?

A: Understanding their brand history and aesthetic tastes. I am a big believer in merging creativity and market research.

Q: You have a degree in history of art and architecture from Harvard. How has it impacted your career?

A: I often find that my knowledge of history and art history informs my creative choices. Color theory and its applications throughout history are a constant source of inspiration when designing new collections.

Q: How has working at brands like Kate Spade shaped the way you design?

A: Kate Spade taught me so much about designing within the guardrails of a brand’s identity. I learned so much about maintaining a consistent creative voice across product categories and different sales channels. It taught me to design with a global mindset, while also remaining highly focused on a singular brand vision.

Combining business savvy with design expertise are the secrets to Lewis Remele’s success. During his 15-year career in the fashion industry, he has used the formula to design everything from medical scrubs to luxury gowns. Lewis holds an Associates in Applied Science (AAS) in Fashion Design from Parson’s, and a Bachelor of Arts in History of Art and Architecture from Harvard. Lewis currently resides in New York and works with clients all over the world.

Saba Desta is an experienced content creator with a demonstrated history of working in the apparel and fashion industry. With a background in Digital Media Production & Digital Journalism, her passion for creating has landed her a full-time position at Stars Design Group as the Marketing Specialist & Content Creator.