Technology’s Key Role in Apparel Manufacturing



Technology is advancing, rapidly. Manufacturers in every industry are required to keep up with the ever-changing tools to innovate the way products are developed. The clothing industry is one that has benefited tremendously from new software that takes the guesswork out of designing well-fitting clothing – made with high-quality materials. Is your manufacturer taking advantage of cutting-edge technology?

If not…they’re holding your brand back.


Ecommerce: Reshaping Apparel Expectations

The days of consumers buying apparel solely at a brick and mortar store are quickly evolving to an ever-expanding ecommerce platform.  The inability to keep up with an ever-evolving consumer driven economy that ensures constant monitoring of the target clients wants and needs and translating that to an adequate and timely inventory has been a challenge.  In addition, ensuring that the target demographics size and fit is also covered can be quite difficult.  In fact, a study by Big Commerce shows 67% of millennials prefer online shopping rather than in-store.

Ecommerce customers put their trust in reviews, ratings and visual appeal when shopping for clothing. If your finished product fails to blow away a consumer, they can negatively impact a future buyer’s decision, and can greatly reduce or eliminate repeat business. Keep your online reputation exceptional by offering apology-free clothing.

In-store apparel shoppers benefit from a tactile, consumer-present experience that provides immediate feedback on the clothing they interact with.  They have the opportunity to vet quality and fit prior to making a purchase.


Online apparel companies are faced with the unique struggle of describing exactly what a customer can expect.

Partnering with an apparel manufacturer who uses top-of-the-line technology to resolve many of these challenges is critical.


Return costs and dissatisfaction can cripple an up and coming apparel line and weaken any brand’s reputation.

As customers begin receiving clothing that meets their expectations they’ll be excited to spread the word, resulting in lower return rates, higher reorders, and additional purchases; thus, increasing revenue.

If an apparel manufacturer is not taking advantage of technology to create exceptional clothing, your brand can quickly find itself unable to compete with tech-savvy competitors.


How Technology is Revolutionizing Apparel Design

Time to market is critical, and making the best decisions on fit, fabric, and styling is important. Technology powerhouses like Browzwear have developed practical programs that  shorten the lead time for concepts, while expediting the entire development and production cycle -to-client process.

One such program clothing that modern manufacturers depend on is VStitcher. According to Browzwear, it is “the industry’s leading 3D virtual prototyping solution for developers, pattern makers and technical designers.” Becoming partners with a manufacturer who has mastered this technology provides your line with these advantages:

  • Visualize the exact way your finished product will perform by viewing digital avatars.  
  • Errors made during the designing stage can be quickly corrected before expensive fabrics become involved.
  • Perform pressure and tension tests on digital avatars of various shapes and sizes to guarantee your clothing properly fits different body types.
  • Turn your existing 2D patterns into 3D concepts or begin the development process for a brand-new project.


VStitcher is truly a gamechanger in the apparel-manufacturing industry. By saving time and resources, and by perfecting the products that represent your brand – Vstitcher is a powerful weapon in your creative arsenal.


Another powerful partner for today’s clothing manufacturers is Alvanon, a consulting firm specializing in apparel, retail and fashion. By offering expert support to boost your brand, as well as efficient technical solutions, the sky is the limit. Alvanon offers:

  • Specialized solutions to achieve perfect sizing and fit to expectations specs.
  • Educational courses designed to enhance business and communication goals.
  • A global presence to collect and analyze 3D body scanning data which changes how product development is achieved.

Under the guidance of Alvanon, apparel designers will gain a strong grasp on how to thrive in an extremely competitive industry.

Is your Manufacturer Keeping Up?!

Don’t let your clothing line suffer from a partner who is afraid to make the leap into technology. When a manufacturer refuses to take advantage of the innovations in apparel, your brand simply can’t compete financially or creatively, and will eventually become obsolete.

Your company deserves a manufacturer who will adapt to advancing innovations in order to make your clothing line stand out. You didn’t spend countless resources and hours of energy just to make a couple shirts for your friends to wear, right?

Through efficient innovation and by embracing current and future technology, your brand can become a household name!

So, how do you know if your manufacturer is providing you with the advantages that so many others are already utilizing?


Request a detailed report of a manufacturer’s strategy from the initial design process to the completed product. If they are relying solely on fabric prototypes before manufacturing begins – their technique is dated. Don’t be afraid to speak up about the money and time constraints that could be avoided by utilizing technology like VStitcher.

Be firm about choosing a partner who will actively innovate their product-development blueprint.

Remember, your manufacturer is the behind-the-scenes asset bringing your ideas to life. Without their commitment to stay a step ahead, your apparel line and overall brand will suffer and fall flat.



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