Stars Design Group acquires New York based influencer clothing brand

Stars Design Group

Natalie Yellow Dress INSPR

SAINT LOUIS, Mo — Stars Design Group, a global apparel design and manufacturing company is  excited to announce the acquisition of New York based INSPR, an apparel company producing limited  edition collections from its community of influencers. 

The deal is a partnership with Steve Smith, CEO of the Lawrence Group and Will Smith, Managing  Director of Investments and Asset Management at real estate development company, New + Found.  

“We are excited to be a part of this new INSPR, which will empower hundreds of new fashion brands to  tell their story and share their creative vision, both through e-commerce and real-world experiences.”  said Will Smith, who takes on the role of Treasurer in the new company. Steve Smith is a Board Advisor.  

The acquisition creates a new partnership under the existing INSPR name and extends its offerings  through design, manufacturing, brand development, marketing services, e-commerce and expansion  into brick and mortar.  

Chantel Waterbury, co-founder and former CEO of INSPR, moves into the role of President at the new  INSPR, LLP, and says “I am thrilled that we have found such incredible partners in Stars Design Group  and Steve and Will Smith. This partnership will allow INSPR to take our business model from  collaborations to brand incubations for a new generation of creators and entrepreneurs. From sourcing  and product development to innovations in physical retail, we have the expertise to fully support and  grow a portfolio of fresh and inspiring brands and voices.”  

Influencer owned brands are a growing segment of the fashion industry, Stars Design Group, chief  strategy officer (CSO), Emily Lane sees it as an opportunity saying, “This partnership allows Stars Design  Group to implement a direct-to-consumer business using influencer marketing. Influencers have a  distinct point of view and loyal followers, we are excited to help them scale from marketers into  profitable brands.” Lane is the COO of the new INSPR. The role is in addition to her position at Stars  Design Group. 

Stars Design Group CEO, Bret Schnitker supports the influencer model saying, “Stars Design Group has  a long history of designing and producing quality apparel for lifestyle brands and private label partners.  We are excited to share our expertise with influencers and provide them with access to elevated fashion  design and manufacturing.” Schnitker is the new INSPR, CEO. The role is in addition to his position at  Stars Design Group. 

INSPR will re-launch in the fall of 2021 with new limited edition influencer collections that will be sold  through the INSPR website (


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