Stars Design Group Headquarters Completion in St. Louis, MO

Stars Design Group

Stars Design Group

Earlier this year, Stars Design Group (SDG) purchased and began renovation on their new headquarters at 1301 Gravois Ave. in St. Louis, MO which is now complete.

Don’t be surprised if SDG’s new building catches your eye while passing through Historic Soulard. This distinct building, designed by SDG’s Partner/CEO Bret Schnitker with Architect Robert Wagstaff-Urban Werks, and 3D graphic/tech lighting support from Arcturis, is exemplary of the growing St. Louis technological boom. SDG is an international powerhouse when it comes to latest gen 3D design, Product Development, and apparel manufacturing. Being in the Midwest is a unique place for an apparel company, however, CEO Bret Schnitker feels it puts the company in a strategically strong position from both a geographical and affordability position.

“Our industry is rapidly changing and at the same time faced with considerable challenges globally with addressing clients’ goals of Superior social and ethical compliance, high quality, price value and quick turn in the face of rising costs, shrinking freight lines, tariffs, loss of apparel manufacturing expertise, etc. I believe positioning in the Midwest as opposed to the coasts where overhead costs are reaching untenable levels for all but the largest and most upper-end apparel companies, and embracing technology as a support function for both design, Product Development, and manufacturing goes a long way to support benchmarks and the needs of the client. “ CEO – Bret Schnitker

The new office assembles the talent of SDG’s domestic team under one roof to create an organically flowing collaborative environment between the departments, and the state of the art technology built into the building infrastructure allows for clear hi speed global communications with all overseas offices, clients, and manufacturing partners.

“We are excited to have our teams back together; it’s been over four years since we lost our previous HQ to an explosion. Bret has designed an office space that will optimize our teamwork internally and allow customers to have access to our extensive sample collections, fabric libraries, 3D design and state of the art technology as we discuss their apparel and business objectives.” Says CCO – Sr. VP Scott McFadden.

SDG maintains its focus on how intelligent technology helps the industry and is committed to cutting-edge technology to achieve their objectives. St. Louis is quickly becoming a hub for innovation and technology, and SDG strives to continue as a leader in the apparel sector.


About Stars Design Group: SDG is an industry leader in full-package apparel manufacturing established in 1993. The company is headquartered in St. Louis, MO, but has established offices around the globe. SDG offers cutting edge, innovative apparel technology solutions, and brings the future to life for their clients, solidly establishing their place as a leader in apparel manufacturing.