Missouri textile and fashion experts instrumental in building Salvadoran apparel industry




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SAINT LOUIS, Mo — Stars Design Group, a global fashion design & production house based in Saint Louis, Missouri, is providing support to the U.S. government Commercial Law Development Program (CLDP) in El Salvador. 

In February, 2020, CEO Bret Schnitker and chief strategy officer (CSO) Emily Lane joined a delegation of textile and apparel experts invited to El Salvador to advise Salvadoran counterparts on marketing strategies, developing business opportunities, supply chain efficiencies and sourcing in the CAFTA region. 

The work supports the CLDP Textile Competitiveness Program, designed to assist the Salvadoran textile industry with integration into U.S. commerce, and global competitiveness.

Other Missouri representatives in the delegation included Mary Ruppert-Stroescu, Sam Fox School of Design and Visual Arts; Jon Elmu ccio, Evolution St. Louis; and Jung Ha-Brookshire, Department of Textile and Apparel Management at the University of Missouri. 

Ha-Brookshire has been instrumental in developing El Salvador’s first five-year textile and apparel management curriculum at the Catholic University of El Salvador (UNICAES).

Schnitker and Lane have become actively involved in the Textile Competitiveness program, developing Business Threads, an apparel industry podcast distributed through the CLDP to professionals in El Salvador, Honduras and Guatemala; teaching multiple virtual professional development courses; and providing ongoing support and consulting to Salvadoran textile companies. 

Siobhan Siaca, CLDP Attorney-Advisor, praised Schnitker and Lane’s work saying Their rich experiences in the textile & apparel industry, coupled with their diligent work ethic and innovative approach to problem solving make them an exceptional team that consistently create high quality, effective tools for their clients.”

Interviews with Stars Design Group leadership and images of the delegation in El Salvador are available upon request.


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